"I love being a member of the TyRon Lewis Community Gym.  Since joining I feel much better.  I attend several fitness classes conducted by the on staff personal trainer Tiffany Williams.  She really keeps me focused on my goals!  I'm really motivated to lose these stubborn pounds I have been struggling with over the years.  I am well on my way to a healthier me.
Thanks Tiffany and TyRon Lewis Gym; truly a  "gym of my own!!""
                                                             -Maria Smart

"Health and Wellness Manager Tiffany Williams has really helped me get my body the way I want it. At first I was working out for appearance but after working with Tiffany I am now working out for my health. I always participate in the 30 day challenges that Tiffany does, and take advice about my diet from her.  She is a very knowledgeable trainer knowing the answer to every fitness and dietary question I have. I used to go to the YMCA, but every since I joined TyRon Lewis Community Gym I have actually seen results because of the variability in each workout. Being a member of TyRon Lewis Community Gym has definitely helped me reach my health  and fitness goals!!"
                                                                                                              -Kimberly Williams                 

"I recently weighed 216lbs so I decided to start working out again.  I joined the TyRon Lewis Gym on January 14th, 2013 and trained with John Thomas 3 to 4 times a week.  He gave me the tools I needed to eat right and gave a great meal plan.  I don't eat after 7pm anymore.  I didn't think that I would see results as quick as I have but I lost 22lbs by Feb. 15th, 2013.  I feel great with the progress that I've made already.  I have a long way to go and I'm determined to get to where it is I want to be."

                                                                           -Chisa Daniels

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