Personal Training

Reach and Go Beyond Your Goals with TyRon Lewis Community Gym's Personal Training!!

TW fitness class demo 8-2012

Personal training allows you to focus your efforts on the particular muscle groups you want to improve on.  You get one on one time and attention with a personal trainer who will provide that extra push and motivation you can't get on your own.  Personal training will help you get the results you need, and help boost your self confidence!

Personal Training Packages Include:
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Body Fat and Fitness Assessment
  • Free Fit Camp Sessions
  • Nutritional Shopping Trip
  • After Photo on the Wall of Fame 
"Every goal is reachable!  If you have the vision, I can take you there.  I'm on a mission to get you to believe in a new, healthier you!"
                                              - Personal Trainer Tiffany Williams

Call (727)-824-5670 or stop by 1327 Dr. MLK Jr. Street (9th) South St. Petersburg, Fl 33705  for more information

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  1. I love Richmond Personal Training. I just started and I am motivated to go and workout. I love the personal attention I get from the trainers helping me work on my goals. They are very knowledgable on physical fitness and nutrition. Here at you can find more information and start your personal training.